Increased Safety

With Offshore Forms, your workers kan submit a work permit for approval without leaving their post. The work permit is sent electronically to the bridge, and the responsible officer can then process it in a matter of seconds. Since everything happens electronically, this will help you eliminate slips, trips and falls.

Environmental Friendly

For the offshore sector, there are huge environmental benefits that can be gained by switching from paper-based solutions to Offshore Forms. Each year, tons of paper are used just for work permits. With Offshore Forms you can increase your eco footprint and immediately reduce the paper and ink use.

Increased Efficiency

Offshore Forms is both cloud-based and autonomous at the same time. It will seamlessly transfer data to and from the cloud when in network range, making data available to onshore management. Work permits can be issued and signed electronically in a matter of seconds, saving both time and effort.

About us

Let safety come first with our innovative solutions for offshore safety management.

Offshore Forms is an online, cloud-based solution for management of work permits, toolbox talk, procedures and guidelines aboard offshore supply vessels and rigs. We automate the entire work permit process from submittal to approval and archiving. Our solutions will enable you to increase the level of safety for your personnel while improving your operational efficiency. Our robust technology will be 100% functional even without external network connections.


Daily use of Offshore Forms onboard offshore vessels.

Contact us

Offshore Forms is built on the Zegeba platform. International enterprises and organizations use Zegeba for time-saving and effective collaboration, reporting and data capture. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions about Zegeba or the services and solutions we provide.

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Contact information to Zegeba AS head office in Ålesund:

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